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Colored Rubber Bands for Braces

When you first get braces with elastics, or rubber bands, most likely you will be asked to choose a color for them. Depending on your orthodontist, the choices might be a few basic colors or a whole rainbow of variety. Having a bright colorful smile makes many younger patients happy.

Colorful rubber bands for braces

If you are an adult, though, you probably don't want a whole lot of color in your mouth. You might be better off with something more inconspicuous instead. A good color for rubber bands would be clear, white, or silver. Silver or grey can match the braces and brackets, blending in with the metal look. The default color for rubber bands for braces is usually a yellowish off white color, which looks close the color of teeth, so those shouldn't be very noticeable as well.

Clear or white rubber bands with braces might look better than bright colors, but clear or white can be susceptible to stains. Certain foods or drinks such as coffee, tea, and candy can leave unsightly marks or discoloration. If you want to be discreet, stick with silver or gray with your braces.

Rubber Band Color Ideas for Kids

Braces usually require you to visit your orthodontist every 1-2 months. That means every 1-2 months, they'll take a look at your braces, and replace the elastics or rubber bands. And every 1-2 months, you should be able to change their colors. Throughout the year, there are a number of special occasions and holidays. A fun way to celebrate them would be to appropriately color your very own smile.

These suggestions are meant more for kids, but cool adults are welcome to try these out as well. :)

February / Valentine's Day: red, pink

March / St. Patrick's Day: green

April / Easter: blue, yellow, pink

July / Independence Day: red, white, blue

October / Halloween: orange, black

November / Thanksgiving: orange, brown

December / Christmas: red, green

Other ideas: sports team colors, school colors